About the Oracleia

What is the Oracleia ?

The Oracleia is a contemporary oracle – its a magical webwork of the Muses who build a neuronal network of magick, symbolism and meaning..

It´s aim is to hand you the keys to enter the ever expanding realm of possible realities – to connect the inner world with the outer one – a magical interface between you and the spirits to manifest the eternal dance of existence.

Is this another version or some kind of the Tarot ?


Even though the inspiration that lead to the emergence of the Oracleia was propably fueled by my contact with divination systems like the “The Book of Changes” the “The Book of the Secret Goddess” and the “Book of the Sleeping Dragon”, the Tarot was not amongst them.

The Oracleia is an autopietic system that emerged in the present time,
and as such is not bound to any traditional ties, like western occultism, witchcraft, wicca, eastern shamanism, etc.

As such it is not rooted in some ancient past – but in the here and now,
and its aim is not to preserve some old traditon in a “museum of magic” – but to bring magic into a form of the present that is connecting and embracing the time of technology and change and anthropocene that spirits are experiencing NOW.

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