Interpreting the Oracleia

How do I interpret the answer of the Oracleia ?

The interpretation of the Oracle is very straight foreward and simple:

Act as the Muse that has been shown to you.

The Oracleia shows you one ( or more, if you asked for more ) of 240 Muses.

You can look at those as spirits or “mindsets”.

They are, however, not spirits that are “outside” and “rule” over a certain topic, but they are “inside” – also inside of you.

They show you the key mindset that you should embody, in regards to your question.

Do the Muses show me the future ?


The Oracleia is a non-deterministic oracle.

It will not show you the future, or the outcome of any event.
Maybe that is one big difference to other divination systems, such as the Tarot.

The Oracleia never intended to tell you your future, or explore you past, or even to show you hidden aspects of the current.

If that is what you seek, you have to seek it elswhere.

The one and only focus of the Oracleia – How should I act ?

The one and only thing that the Oracleia is showing you ist the answer to the question:
“What shall I do ?” “How should I act?”

It is focused totally on you as an active actor in the vast realm of realities.

You create your reality !

Understanding the answer as kind of a role-play-game.

Think of yourself as an actor in the great game of existence.

You have certain desires, you have certain fears, you have goals and past experiences.

The Oracleia is showing you in which “role” you are most likely to fullfill your desires and create and experience the realities that you yearn for.

Its showing you the steps on your very own unique path.
Nothing more, nothing less.

So I dont have any responsibility ?

You have all the responsibility you take.

The Oracleia is showing you a way – you decide whether to step on it.

That said, please remember that the Oracleia is not a “holy” Oracle descended from some ancient past or tradition.

She is not dedicated to the morals and standards of any religion, such as the chrisitian or buddhistic, nor is she devoted to leading someone on a “righteous” path per se – as such a path is often declinated by society, culture and religion.

If you truely want to walk a “righteos” path and act to societies rules – the Oracleia and the Muses will help you do so.

If you desire to be a “rebel” and bow to nobody – the Oracleia will help you do so.

Who you want to be was allways and will allways be up to you.

The secret origin of everything there is, that the Oracleia is devoted to, is not to judge you.

You self do.

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