The cavern…

Painted with procreate.
This is one of the first landscape-scenes I painted that is more reddish and warm toned.
A cozy place… what creatures would live in such an enviroment ?

Know yourself…

She who knows herself.

The Toji – gateway between two worlds – the waking world – the dream world, the spirit realm. The moon.
The waking world – Eve – an island in the eternal coiling sea of the dreamworld – Tiamat –
While Eve obeys to mans demand – the spirit of Lilith does not.
She does not fear her own desires – she knows herself.

Bound in the state between the worlds – the hypnagogic state.

Unable to move – sleepparalysis.

She enter the abbyss… for sho does not fear her own desire.

She is becoming lucid withing the waking – and the dreaming world, like the fullmoon.

Know thyself.

Explore the Oracleia – “She who knows herself”

Mountain Water Clouds & Moon – Some work in progress pictures

Finally I did it. This picture was a lot of work, even if it may not look so. There are lots and lots of layers of soft grey washes done here. It may not reach the hundred-mark, but I am sure there are about 60-80 layers.

For those who are interested in, I managed to remind my self of taking some work in progress pictures… so here they are:

Here you can see… almost nothing. But a thing you can notice is how fine chinese rice paper is. It really is nearly about transparent, especially after it´s wet. The dark line in the upper third revers not to the painting, its a stroke on the painting board that is shining through…

First few washes, defining the mountains and the moon in negative space.

And on it goes. The difficulty here is to repaint exactly the same forms, for example of the mountains to not get them fuzzy edges…

By so far, I was quite happy with the overall composition, but realized that something was really missing. Layer-amount at this point: about 30

So I decided to paint in some clouds for getting more live into the painting. I started to softly define them through negative space, always paying attention not to get to sharp edges.

More and more clouds where rising…

And, of course, the golden moon. Hi is done in gold-leaf of fair-trade gold (23 K) from thailand. A really lovely, warm gold-tone… 

You can also see that I darkened the foreground mountains a lot more since I started…

And finally done…

I choose a passage from the Dao-Te-Jing from Lao-Tsu, that I rally like as balance text for the empty space in the right-under corner. 

It is about the water and it´s softness that is superior all hardness.

I also add my artist-name and my seal.

And so it is ready now, to be mounted onto a traditional chinese silk scroll…

Thanks for watching! 

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No Scetches were done for this one.

I found out that I am not very good at “planning” my works.

It´s more the way of “natural growing”, with all the mistakes that may happen that I like.

So I start with a “wild” layer of traditional japanese Sumi Ink, and then try to “see” the picture.

You don´t know were you are about to going with this method, but if it works you will get some kind of “natural harmony” without too many interruptions of the “artists artistic artificiality” 🙂

Ask me if you want to know something.


After a while, not being able to paint, I decided to finish this pice :

Like most pictures I do this time, there was no sketch for this one.

Unfortunately, I did no earlier picture of this painting.

I just forget about that, while I am painting 🙁  Have to think about next time…

I did a rough and wet in wet wash, for getting some texture and than try to see the ready painting in this…

After being so far, I found the yellow a little bit too light, and the moon to less in contrast, so I added more yellow.

Added some foliage-texture to the tree on the right side, and decided to use the random “splotches” for some fantastic bubbles. I wanted them to reflect the light of the moon, and to lead the eye of the viewer towards the moon, so I added yellow to most of them, always to the side they show to the moon.

And so instead of painting further on the leaves, I started on the left side, I was pulled to the bubbles…added some darker blue on the side not showing to the moon, and finally some highlights with white, for give them a more 3D-look.

Ok, finally got to work with the leaves 😉 

Because the way, that turned out, would lead the viewers eye (composition-matter) out of the image, I decided to interrupt it.

Added some more leaves, and darkened the foreground with some japanese sumi, and color mixed, to create less saturation in this area.

It gives a sense of chaos and fights the peace and harmony. In this case, it is not just too much detail, but also in the wrong place…in the foreground which should normally just being there to frame the pice…

It´s one of my general problems. I really have to fix this. I will. I want too! Really! >.<

New picture, new luck…

To give the whole composition another central point, I decided to add people there. I really love to draw small people…well, not small, but far away XD

I really was happy with this choice, because it brought a little more “live” in the picture.

Since me and my wife got a little son, I choose to put in a “small” family.

Put in a dark frame, as I always do, and used Photoshop for lightning adjustments as well as color correction. 

I use this, because for our stay in Ecuador I did not take my scanner. So I just can use my camera (it´s not a really expansive and good one, but it´s what you would call “ok”)

and make pictures of my pictures. Because of that the colors are always a little bit unreal and not the ones in the picture. 

With photoshop it is possible to correct this mistake to a certain point.

After all, I am happy to finished this piece, even if it´s not a masterpiece. I never did one…if I think about.

Thanks for watching !