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How to consult the Oracleia ?

There are no strict rules – create your own ones !

I would suggest some kind of ritual, to create a good psychic framework for the consultation to work, but I believe it is of utmost importance that this is a personal thing and should be choosen by each individual itself.

What you do here, is to give meaning to events without direct causal connection – looking for some kind of synchronicity. Such meaning is subjective, of course – but then again… is there something like “objective meaning”at all ?

To layout a rough basis, keep the following points in mind:

Respect – the foundation of any relationship.

First things first – if you ask the Oracle, dont do it just for fun.

No spirit, be it human or otherwise, enjoys being annoyed – but most spirits like to engage in some kind of relationship.

Treat the Oracleia as an entity and with the same respect that you want to be met with,
and you will get answers and a communication that reflects that.

That does not mean that you have to kneel on the dirt and sacrifice the liver of your most beloved pet.
It means a basic foundation of respect and trust that we should cultivate between all of us.

On the other hand, if you are of a submissive nature and enjoy obeying something higher, then that might very well be the personal way you have to go.

There is nothing wrong with that – just remember, that this is not forced to you from the outside, but an expression of your self !

Build your relationship with the Oracleia and the Muses and you will notice that this relationship can grow and become very personal and close.

Taking the answers serious

Just take the answers serious.

If you dont feel like you can take an answer to a personal question from some “strange online oracle” than thats fine – just dont ask.

If you DO decide to ask the Oracleia however – stand by that decision when you recieve the answer.

Dont pick just the answers you like.

Remember that the Oracleia might want to show you another path that will lead to your desired reality in a different way than you expect it.

But the fuel of all of this, is desire.

Try to avoid repeating the same question over and over again, if nothing has changed.

However, if you want to ask a question already asked, but the situation has changed, than just ask.
It all comes down to an honest will to communication.

Engage in a communication

You are consulting an entity.

Keep that in mind, and engage in a communication.

Often times answers to questions can open further questions, you might not have thought before.
Have courage to ask those and engage in this ongoing dialoge.
If you feel you have received the answers you need at the moment – just stop.

There are no rules for this – as there are no rules for this kind of conversations with physical entities – just follow your feelings here.

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