Oracleia – ready for consulting

I finally managed to upload the whole corpus of 144 Muses to the Oracleia now.
At this stage it can already be used as an Oracle.

The whole poject is far from finished ( if, due to its “network-character”, it ever reaches a point that is to be considered “finished” ), but at least it is at a stage now, where a attentive consulter should get a decent answer, and hopefully help from the consultation.

I will update more and more links, especially notes and thoughts, connected to the Muses in the next time.

You can try it here.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

I will also turn more to the visual side of things now, as well as creating another provisory deck, for personal consultation.
It is the 4. version of this deck that I have now created over the course of the last years, but I am getting seriously closer to where I feel I want to go to.

Unfortunately, because I have only painted a very small fraction of Muses myself, and completing all 144 Muses in paintings will take me a veeeerrry decent amount of time – this deck consists of a lot of pictures of desired artists from me,
and is due to copyright reasons only for own personal usage.

Here are some cards, with paintings by myself…

( klick on the images to read the Muse in the Oracleia )