She who is circling

Now, since I decided to go online with the Oracleia, I gain a lot of inspiration for the depiction of the Muses.
This one is the “Muse of the circle”.
Expressing her, or act like her gives me a lot of clarity on things that needed just a view “circles” to go over.
She carries the meaning of repetition and the importance of repetition.
I often strived to for something original in art – but I would not be able to achive it.
Being she who is walking the circles, I realize that I need to complete my circles, do my repetions, ittarate the old, instead of grasping for the new directly…

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The muse of the circle…

Lately I enjoy working cooperatively with the Midjourney AI.
It is a great tool to explore different inspirations.
For me, personally it is not at the stage jet where it can produce images that can express what I want to express – and I also LOVE the process of drawing and painting – so I use it just as a starting point and merge my own painting to it.
It feels a bit like watching for pictures in the clouds – search for meaning in a meaningless image.
AI is a great tool, but just because we are now able to produce myriads of “nice pictures” does not mean that they “mean” something to us.
For me personally meaning is very intimate and personal, and I have to pour my intention – that is energy – into something in order to have a meaningfull connection.
One of thousands of AI generated images, that takes 2.5 seconds to generate, can not deliver me that personal connection and “meaning” – except for when I start to pour it into it.
But then it can very well, and I feel great pleasure of working in a colaboration with an “arteficial” intelligence… that is an expression of the “force” intelligence.

It fits very well the spirit of this Muse in particular, since the AI derives a lot of its power from “circling” from itterating again and again – from going over something again and again – not going for ONE big Step, but hundrets of thousands of small ones…

Thats why I decided – in honor to the AI-s circling contribution, to also add the “electronic circuits” into the picture, that also have the origin of the circle in their names – because what else is a circuit, but a circle that processes energy…

This was the AI original output, that I painted over on:

The circling one – Midjourney output

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